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crimson and emerald adorn

the streets, in shop windows

with twinkle lights, like stars, pulsing

a hue of holidays


silver and gold

flecks, enchant embankments

each individual, each unique

a surface of difference in each

but all descend

together forming spheres with faces, rolled

in one, statue, stoic with orange senses

a collective construction of flesh and bone

and ruby cheeks left from their presence

a merge of tiny worlds in collected


of a sea of fingerprints

carbon and decay into tomorrow

awaiting the next cycle of descent


When I was working on this piece, Collective, I was thinking of snowflakes and how I learned many moons ago that each one is completely different from one another but all originate from the same place. They may look different, but how they fall, how they melt and where they are created, are the same.


At surface level we look different, but within we are made of the same bones and fleshy bits and in time we all fade into tomorrow, awaiting the next cycle or storm of rebirth.




Medium: Giclee Archival Print

Size: 6X6

Limited Edition: 25

Printed on: Epson Somerset Velvet Paper

Year: 2021


*All prints come signed, numbered and individually packaged with care and flare*


This item is made to order, please allow a few weeks for delivery


Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work, much love to you <3


No returns :( but reach out if there is something wrong with your order


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