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Woven in every culture, there are stories. Tales of love, triumph and terror.  Lore to instil connection, belief, and fear, through rhythmic phrases created and passed down. Words, wandering rivers like ribbon waiting to tether to someone who will listen. Stories to teach lessons, to inspire and give direction.


a guided journey of words. 


each drawing was born from a word,

attached with it, a story that reflects it


some are historic, some invented, 

some are

audible inspirations


Narratives is a collection of poems and drawings based off of stories inspired from a list of words.


There are 31 stories that coincide with 31 images.



50 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7775166-0-4

All words and images were created by: Melissa Cormier (c)




The number 3 symbolizes my life path number which is the determined by your date of birth. The number 3 centres around being gifted in expression. The number 7 is my destiny number, which is determined by your full name and is focused on investigation.


I had no idea of the significance of these numbers until I started to look into why I would see these specific digits, 3 and 7 so frequently while compiling this book. I would always see 3:33 pm along with 7:00 at dawn and dusk. Not just time but items, such as 7 things would lye in front of me, or 3 thunderous bangs during a storm that I would take notice to. All of these little nuoniones occurred during the times that I would work on this book. It wasn't until I did some research that I learned these to be personal numbers.


I took it as a sign.


Thank you so much for taking an interest in my book!



EPUB format - ensure you have a working device/app that will accomodate this download as there will be no refunds (because of the nature of this item)


I use apple books as a reference :)


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