I n t r i c a c y,  embodies the detail in togetherness, a home, grown. Fungal networks are rooted through communication by lines of dialogue that spread beneath our feet or are suspended in the air, spawning spores like radio waves. My attempt is to create a narrative to initiate a conversation of imagined forms that meet in the centre of familiarity through the depiction of mushroom textures. From caps and their canopy of innumerable patterns, to the gills that reside beneath.  I n t r i c a c y  is a collection of differences, brought together to transcend speech and create a home.



a dwelling in the center of comfort and ease

surrounded by collected family

in the fabrics of life

weaved storylines of coming together,

to a larger picture,

toward a pulse

a warmth, in a meadow

of golden hues waiting to be plucked

into another bouquet, another



Title: I N T R I C A C Y

Medium: Giclee print

Size: 6X7

Limited Edition: 20

Printed on: Epson Somerset Velvet Paper



*All prints come signed and indivdually packaged with care and flare*