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DAY 5: The Dream With The Spider

It was more a glimpse


I saw a rather large spider, crawling quickly on the ground who possessed black and red markings, with smooth beige legs. The backdrop of a Canadian winter (seasonally weird, I know) was present with a foreground of conifers.


It was a mass that I could hear, moving.


It proceeded to jump onto the tail of a golden retriever. A person present (faceless) attempted to grab the spider, to which then the spider bit.


Then proceeded to show me the spider, upclose, almost taunting.


It was unnerving - it had a human face, with several eyes.

I awoke, unsettled


spindley beige, scurries quickly

to the tail of a retriever 

a canadian winter is the backdrop to this


confirs consort with nearby winds

to shudder at the chilling speed of


the weight of 


a nefarious mass with legs,

swollen bites

and the grin 

of human  




Title: The Dream With The Spider

Medium: Watercolor on Toned Grey Paper

Size: 5.5 x 5.5

Year: 2023


*All paintings come signed and packaged with care and flare*


Please allow a few weeks for delivery


Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work, much love to you <3


DAY 5: The Dream With The Spider

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