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All the two’s today, a sign of balance - harmony and serenity. A sign of good things to come.

Thats a nice omen for this Sunday.

I am still trying to figure out what kind of things to write about in these journal entries. I have a feeling it will just be me rambling on into the ether, the internet void, but I guess it kind of serves as a therapeutic outlet. I try and write every morning, an attempt to contribute to my morning pages - It’s mostly verbose, nonsensical musings.

I did a tarot reading for myself today, it’s been a bit since I’ve checked in, and now in retrospect, things make a little more sense because of it. The Hermit, reminds me to look within, introspection, follow that inner guidance. The two of pentacles reversed shows me that I am overcommitted, therefore disorganized, the unsatisfied feeling of lists remaining unchecked. Lastly, the two of wands - personal goals, inner alignment, which has been compromised because of my inability to organize.

I think the universe is saying, pause, look within. I’ve felt mentally dishevelled lately - brain askew like my hair currently is. I’ve tried to be everywhere, do everything which inevitably gives you the feeling of being stationary.

I took the advice, today I hung out with my ducks and spent some time with a book that I haven’t touched in weeks.

I think it’s worth noting the reoccurring theme of twos and it’s significance of harmony and balance

I‘ll probably aim to post something once a week or when inspiration strikes. Even if it’s just a snap of my feathered and fur, fellowship 🦆 🐓 (which I’m sure there will lots of)❤️

take care you cool cats,


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