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take a peak into what lurks 
within the walls of my mind

this is a subscription service, an offering of what abstractly lurks within the walls of my mind
Intuitive Frequencies is like a personal diary, a scrapbook composed of memories made in read time. A collection of words, visuals and audible delights. Like Patreon, Intuitive Frequencies, will include unpublished artwork, and special projects,  but also my writing expressed through poetry and journaled thoughts. Listen to what I listen to: musical hyper-fixations, with custom playlists. Creative exercises to hopefully inspire your creative journey. Catching moments with film both traditional scans and digital captures of fleeting glimpses. Dive into the mystics and more

much more  

Above all, I want to create a community of creative thinkers and lovers. A space of discourse around all things imaginary. 
There is no set schedule for when posts will come, when they come, they arrive when they are suppose too. 

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  • 7.77CA$
    Every month
    • Artwork - special projects, unpublished pieces
    • Poetry - a concoction of words
    • Photography - catching moments with film
    • Journal Entries - early morning ramblings
    • Musical Playlists - listen to what I listen too
    • Creative Exercises - art and writing prompts
    • Moments of Magic - inspirations from the mystical world
    • Exclusives - custom items in a members only shop
    • FREEBIES - free digital downloads
    • and more, MUCH more

The color scheme is reflective of what auras is channeled by their corresponding chakras.


Starting with Indigo blue which is tied to the third eye or brow chakra which encompasses intuition. 

Orange is in connection with the Sacral Chakra located below the navel. This is the color of creativity. The creative capacity of the reproductive organs is where this aura draws its strength from.

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