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take a peak into my mind
see what lurks there

a subscription to a personal diary of words and visual, Intuitive Frequencies, like a Patreon, will include posts of my artwork, but also my wrtiting, what I am listening too with catored spotify playlists, my photography, cathcing moments with film  

  • 7.77CA$
    Every month
    • Artwork - everything creative
    • Poetry - a concoction of words
    • Photography - catching moments with film
    • Journal Entries - early morning rambings
    • Spotify Playlists - listen to what I listen too
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The color scheme is reflective of what auras is channeled by their corresponding chakras.


Starting with Indigo blue which is tied to the third eye or brow chakra which encompasses intuition. 

Orange is in connection with the Sacral Chakra located below the navel. This is the color of creativity. The creative capacity of the reproductive organs is where this aura draws its strength from the reproductive organs

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