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MIRROR - Color By Thought

Mirrors bring an alternative perspective to the comprehension of self awareness. Looking at you, Mirrors: Color by Thought is a way to magnify the playfulness of choice through observation. Like Paint by Numbers, Mirrors: Color By Thought works similarly, only instead of being provided the color, you are given a prompt to inspire a color of your choosing.


This is an exercise, tool, as a means to be present with your surroundings and preferences unique to you. What color shirt are you wearing? Take a step outside, what is the current color of the sky? If you were a color, right now in this moment, what would it be?


What is your personal perspective?


Play around with opacity or the intensity; do you gravitate toward transparent or muted colors? Or do you prefer the bold and bright? 


The palette is yours



A PDF document

Limited Download Edition (100)

Four pages:

1. Cover Page

2. Instructions (prompts)

3. Number Legend (outline)

4. Drawing (to print and color)


If you would like to share, tag me @armcstudio, I would love to see your color creations <3


Happy coloring!




© Copyright - Melissa Cormier - 2022

MIRROR - Color By Thought

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