Inktober I (Limited Edition)

limited edition print of 2018's annual Inktober which takes place during the month of October involves drawing everyday following a supplied prompt list from the creator Jake Parker.


For this years Inktober challenge I decided instead of drawing individual pieces, to rather commit to containing the collection of prompts on one piece of paper. 


This is a limited edition 5.25X8 print of 25, signed and printed on Canson 140 lb Watercolor paper.


Paper Demensions: 5.25 X 8

Paper Type: Canson Watercolor 140lb paper

Edition Size: Limited Edition of 25


15 Remain


2018 Inktober Prompt Legend:

1. Poisonous - Mushroom

2. Tranquil -  Night Sky

3. Roasted - Coffee Beans

4. Spell - Anise Seed - used in Wiccan practive

5. Chicken - Skin of the Foot of a chicken

6. Drooling - Microscopic view of saliva

7. Exhausted - Grey matter in the brain

8. Star - Texture of the skin of a Starfish

9. Precious - The fur of my cat, Luna Lovejoy

10. Flowing - Bird feathers

11. Cruel - Alzheimer’s of the brain

12. Whale - Baleen whale ‘teeth’ or bristles

13. Guarded - Garlic - a source of protection from vampires and used in exorcisms 

14. Clock - Or time - the rings on a tree depicting the age

15. Weak - 'In the Knees'

16. Angular - Canadian Shield rock

17. Swollen - The stinger of a Honey Bee

18. Bottle - Texture of a wine cork from a bottle

19. Scorched - Lightening

20. Breakable - The heart

21. Drain - A top view of a drain

22. Expensive -  The neurotransmitter, dopamine

23. Muddy -  A muddy Volcano

24. Chop - A hair follicle

25. Prickly - Porcupine quills

26. Stretch - Muscle

27. Thunder - An acoustic representation of the sound thunder

28. Gift - Wood - to give to those celebrating their 5th year anniversary

29. Double - cellular division: Mitosis

30. Jolt - a contracted blood vessel of someone who was shocked

31. Slice - Cross section of a Moose Antler


All prints are packaged in crystal clear bags and backed with peterboro showcard board to support the print when shipped


**Image of legend not included**

Inktober I (Limited Edition)