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DAY 17: The Dream With Gabby

In August of 2023, I rescued an injured Monarch Butterfly to which I named, ‘Gabby.’


One night I was on my way to the coup to put the chickens and ducks away for the night and I came across a butterfly with folded wings, and therefore unable to fly. A deformity that overtakes during their chrysalis phase that is caused by a parasitic infection during the early stages of developemt.


Instead of letting nature take it course, I intervened and provided daily fresh cut flowers, sugar water and protection from the elements and predators until it was time for her to pass on.


An intervention I do not regret.


It was a bittersweet dream.


I am glad she is now flying in the great beyond.

- - - - - -

weaken wings, the art of flight

evades you, poor creature

crawling when you should

witness the aerial perspective of trees


not roots


deprived but not without love

fresh flowers, the musk of lavender


long after your death



Title: The Dream With Gabby

Medium: Watercolor on Toned Grey Paper

Size: 5.5 x 5.5

Year: 2023


*All paintings come signed and packaged with care and flare*


Please allow a few weeks for delivery


Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work, much love to you <3

DAY 17: The Dream With Gabby

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